Wrecking Coast Distillery

Why did Wrecking Coast Distillery start our particular journey into the world of craft distilling?

Simple really, it was born out of a desire to drink a gin that suited our taste. A gin we could enjoy with friends and be proud to say, “We made that!”

We had an idea of our gin providing a luxurious feel that’s smooth on the palette. From the outset, we thought the icon of Cornwall, clotted cream, could provide the answer.

However, taking an existing recipe and adding an unusual ingredient did not deliver the flavour profile we were looking to achieve. So we applied a unique approach by building our gin around the clotted cream.

Using cutting-edge still equipment and a hands-on approach, this unique process is focused around the detail of every element of our gin-making process.

It’s the attention to small details that makes the big difference in the distinctive taste of our Wrecking Coast Distillery Clotted Cream Gin.

High Tech Distilling

Traditional thinking leads most distillers to either a variation of the ancient alembic still or a modified European fruit still.

Wrecking Coast Distillery wanted to bring the process of creating our gin into the 21st Century.

To achieve this, we conducted a huge amount of research to see how we could adopt technology that would take care of the main process so we could put all of our effort into developing our unique gin.

We discovered iStill, a Dutch company run by Odin, the genius behind their computer-controlled stills, and travelled to Woerden in Holland – the birthplace of gin, to meet him. We immediately realised, this was the perfect fit.

Wrecking Coast Distillery: Clotted Cream Gin

Smooth on the palette and velvety rich in the mouth. Our handcrafted, small-batch clotted cream gin delivers a distinctly Cornish flavour.

Using the unique approach of building our gin around the clotted cream ensures the delivery of its velvety richness balanced with the traditional notes of juniper you expect in gin.

You can enjoy our gin with ice, tonic and strawberry as a garnish or simply a zest of lemon. And because it’s so smooth, it tastes fantastic just on ice.