Two Birds Spirits

Hatched back in the summer of 2013, Two Birds Spirits was created by engineer and gin enthusiast Mark Gamble. Often found tinkering away in his workshop, it was only a matter of time before his two loves combined – and so ‘Gerard’, our very first copper still was built.

Just 2 months after launching our London Dry Gin was awarded Top Gold Award at the Craft Distillers Alliance. We’ve never looked back – our spirits have gone on to win a number of awards both nationally and internationally!

2014 saw Two Birds Spirits spread its wings. We moved down the road from our small home-based workshop to a new 5,000sqft purpose built distillery. And while our surroundings may have changed, our production methods haven’t… All our spirits are still distilled using ‘Gerard’ and are lovingly handcrafted by us from bottle filling to packing.

Two Birds Spirits: London Dry Gin

A classic London Dry Gin, packed full of juniper flavour and distilled with only 4 other botanicals. With notes of coriander, citrus and orris root combining with our ‘hush-hush’ secret ingredient, to create our very distinctive and unique flavour. Did we mention it was multi-award winning?


A classic Gin & Tonic: A generous pour over ice with Indian Tonic and a slice of cucumber to garnish or lime wedge depending on your taste.

Two Birds Old Tom Gin

Nothing to do with a chap called ‘Tom’ – this Gin gets its name from the unusual Tom cat-shaped plaque that hung outside gin houses during ‘Gin Craze’. We’ve refined the original 18th century recipe while still retaining the slightly sweeter taste which made this spirit so popular.


Keep it simple with a gin Martini. Mix gin and vermouth then drop in an olive or two.