Trevethan Distillery

Trevethan Distillery: Cornish Heritage

Trevethan Distillery is another Cornish distiller and the home of Trevethan Gin.

It was traditional in Cornwall to celebrate the changing of the seasons with home brewed alcohol. The bounty from the hedgerows, field and woodland would change from season to season and so did the recipes. Parsnip wine, blackberry and elderberry wine, marrow rum, plum brandy and blackthorn plum and sloe gin were common. Each family had their particular specialities and secret recipes which had been passed down the generations.

For Trevethan Distillery the true essence of craft stems from the ingenuity and creativity of rural communities. They’d recreate products, food recipes and drinks that were only readily available to those in the big cities.

The Process

Trevethan Distillery keep things small to ensure each bottle has its own unique character. Each batch is expertly hand-crafted in a traditional Copper-Alembic still by In-house chemist and Head Distiller. John does it exactly as it was first crafted by its creator Norman Trevethan back in the late 1920s.

From the charging of the still, the measuring of the botanicals, right the way through to the filling and labelling of the bottles. Trevethan Gin is made with love, care and their own bare hands. The result is a world class drink. Trevethan Gin goes as well in a G&T as it does in a gin Martini.

The team use a one-shot process which means the proportions of each botanical have been carefully calculated in order to achieve the complex flavours and smooth texture in one distillation. They  insist that no blending or tweaking of the product occurs after distillation so that customers are getting the true taste of the spirit as it was on the day it was made.

In 2016 Trevethan Gin finished in 9th place in the #HotCraftSpirits competition.

Cornwall’s Trevethan Gin

Trevethan Gin is a quality handmade gin created using a traditional family recipe perfected in the 1920s by Norman Trevethan.

Each batch is hand distilled at the Trevethan Distillery in Cornwall. The small quantities that they produce help to create the unique flavour and give every batch its own signature character. Trevethan Gin is made using botanicals sourced from Cornish hedgerows for a true taste of Cornwall. The result is a complex gin, with subtle hints of citrus and floral notes,

Trevethan Distillery