The Cambridge Distillery

William and Lucy Lowe are the husband and wife team behind The Cambridge Distillery.

The Cambridge Distillery: Team

William Lowe, AIWS, is our Master Distiller, hosting all of our tailorings and blending your bespoke gin recipes. His career in the drinks industry spans 19 years. He is a Wine and Spirit Educator to professionals in the industry. William was awarded the title of International Wine and Spirits Championship Associate Judge of the Year. He is also the winner of highly coveted Wines from Spain scholarship for the Master of Wine qualification.

He likes his gin dry, with plenty of coriander, and his martinis with a lemon twist.

Lucy Lowe is responsible for our branding and marketing. Her background is in marketing and event management which perfectly complements Will’s technical skills. Her love of gin was in no small part the inspiration for The Cambridge Distillery.

Lucy is passionate to the point of obsession on the subject of purity of flavour. She is the first obstacle any new distillate must negotiate in order to be accepted into our range.

Lucy’s favourite distillate is Earl Grey and she prefers her martini with an extra olive.

We capture pure botanical distillates for blending to the individual specifications of each of our customers. Once you have determined your own precise recipe, we store it under your own file. This means we’re ready to produce more for you whenever you – and only you – order it.

The Cambridge Distillery are the world’s first gin tailor.

Our Gins

The Cambridge Distillery was the first to create a truly seasonal gin. We use only home grown and freshly foraged botanicals each season to create two distinct gins each year.

Cambridge Seasonal Gins often sell out within days leaving a rather long gap until the next batch comes along.

Having developed an expertise in local botanicals, we have now created a blend of flavours for all four seasons. Whilst production of Cambridge Seasonal Gin remains on a very limited scale, we are able to produce this new line a few hundred, rather than a few dozen, bottles at a time.

The result? Cambridge Dry Gin: a gin for all seasons!