Tappers Gin

Tappers Gin is based in the small seaside town of West Kirby, Wirral, and independently produce authentic small batch artisan gin using the traditional method of cold compounding.

Tappers Gin: true small batch spirits

We’re a small independent family business. Tappers Gin has a passion for producing authentically distilled gin. We’ve been handcrafting our own gin in small batches since early 2016 in our seaside hometown of West Kirby, Wirral. To do something well involves doing it properly. It’s why we produce our own gin and why we believe the quality of our range is a testament to our ethic.

  • Provenance: our gin is produced and bottled in West Kirby, Wirral
  • Small batch: we produce around 40 bottles of our gin per batch
  • Artisan: each bottle is individually filled, labelled and wax sealed by hand

Our Master Compounder develops botanical recipes with ingredients inspired by Britain and our local coastal area. It took a year to develop the formula which became the basis of our recipe for Darkside.

The Tappers Gin range includes the signature Darkside Gin and seasonal expressions such as Wintergreen and Springfever.

Darkside Gin: locally inspired

Our signature gin and the first in the Tappers Gin range is Darkside Gin. Darkside acquired the name from the affectionate term given to the Wirral Peninsula by nose baggers (an Edwardian term for day trippers) from Liverpool who venture over to the ‘dark side’ of the River Mersey to visit quaint seaside towns and villages. Darkside reflects local, good-natured, rivalry and doffs a hat to the region’s maritime history.

The gin is independently produced in small batches entirely by hand from start to finish. The resulting tipple – like all compounded gin – has a natural amber-hue from the infused juniper berries. It took a year to finalise the recipe. Every 50cl bottle is individually filled, labelled and wax sealed by hand.

Darkside Gin is a delightfully pleasing mix of seaside botanicals, including red clover flowers and leaves, chickweed, and freshly foraged sea beet.

It is infused with five other valuable ingredients for an authentic taste of coastal Britain. Darkside has warming, herbal notes and is smooth and dry to finish.

Bottle of Darkside by Tappers Gin

Tappers Gin finished in 8th place in 2017’s #HotCraftSpirits competition.

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