Spirit of Harrogate

Spirit of Harrogate is a business that does things differently, thinks differently and has a different vision to others.

For hundreds of years, discerning individuals have visited the picturesque Yorkshire town to restore body, mind and soul. We have sought to capture the spirit of Harrogate, synonymous with its beautiful and restorative nature, and deliver it in a bottle to you.

Want to learn about spirits? We offer a range of unique Gin Experiences at the Spirit of Harrogate store. Each experience includes a range of activities such as gin tasting, where you will sample our very own Slingsby Gin as well as over 80 other different gins we have in store, mixology lessons and a chance to learn about the history of gin plus a range of extras for you to enjoy.

Spirit of Harrogate: home of Slingsby Gin

Slingsby Gin pays tribute to William Slingsby. In 1571, he discovered the unique properties of natural spring water from the Tewit Well in Harrogate. Slingsby did things differently, thought differently and had a vision that others considered to be extraordinary or even, a little odd; he epitomised the Spirit of Harrogate.

Slingsby Gin’s key ingredients are hand-grown local plants synonymous with the beautiful and restorative nature of Harrogate. These are complemented with water drawn from the world famous Harrogate aquifer. This is combined with pure single grain spirit and a handful of the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. All are expertly brought together and hand finished by the team in Harrogate.

Shot of Slingsby Gin created by Spirit of Harrogate

Spirit of Harrogate are the distillers of Slingsby Gin.