Slake Spirits

Slake Spirits is an independent artisan gin distillery based in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex. Bringing you unique gin recipes from the enquiring mind of our head dragon, distiller & forager, Dr. Thomas Martin-Wells. Harnessing the sun to power our stills and seeking out the very best ingredients to thoughtfully produce the finest artisan gin at the crossroads of science & nature.

Slake Spirits: our journey

From hedgerow to glass: Ever wondered how to make gin? At Slake Spirits we’re fanatical about botanicals and getting the absolute best from these special ingredients has defined our process from start to finish. Read on to learn more about our gin’s journey, where only the ‘pick of the crop’ will find their way into your glass.

Foraging: Gathering both ingredients and information, we start by combing the countryside looking for abundant aromatic edibles and soaking up some natural inspiration. Foraging for flavours, sometimes lost or long forgotten and sometimes new. We take our haul back to the Slake Spirits lair where we lovingly prepare and slowly dry our hand-picked botanicals, all the while considering how to weave them into a balanced recipe.

Crafting a recipe: Now to experiment, by isolating variables, we begin to deepen our understanding of the ingredients, developing processes & refining recipes to make the most of the botanicals. In pursuit of something distinctive, that adds value, our work begins. By trial and error we home in on a recipe and process that captures the very best of these special ingredients.