Salcombe Distilling Company

The Salcombe Distilling Company, based in Devon is the producer of Salcombe Gin.

The Salcombe Fruiters were responsible for importing over eighty percent of fresh citrus fruits to England during the 19th Century. Serving the great ports of London, Liverpool, Bristol, Hull and Southampton, these fast sailing vessels imported fresh oranges from the Azores and Spain, lemons from Sicily and Italy, pineapples and shaddocks (pomelos) from the Bahamas and spices from Barbados, Nevis, Sri Lanka and further afield.

This is an integral part of our spirit and a little known but important part of Britain’s maritime history.

Salcombe Distilling Company: Our Gin

Our gin has a unique and elegant citrus forward flavour that is refreshing yet perfectly balanced with the botanicals working in harmony. Inspired by the history of the Salcombe ‘Fruiters’ that imported citrus fruits and spices to England from the Azores, West Indies and Mediterranean in the 19th century, we use a precise blend of grapefruit, lemons and limes to give our gin a refreshing citrus edge.

Unlike many mass produced gins we hand peel our citrus fruits every morning immediately prior to distillation. This gives extra freshness and ensures we capture the citrus oils at their best. Liquorice adds a touch of sweetness and green cardamom helps lengthen the finish without ever being overly dominant, whilst chamomile flowers and bay leaf provide a balanced floral note.

Salcombe Gin: botanicals

These citrus and floral aromas and flavours work in harmony with the heady, earthy and resinous pine notes of the finest Macedonian juniper. This is selected for its high limonene content. We combine this with the warming spiced citrus notes from English coriander seeds. Cubeb berries from Java provide fruity peppery heat balanced with warming spice from cinnamon bark.

Our gin is hand distilled with an unrivalled passion, care and attention to detail. It is blended together with Dartmoor water to produce an exceptionally smooth gin. Salcombe Distilling Company don’t compromise on quality, period. Unlike many larger producers, we use a more old fashioned approach. This is known as the one shot method. We distil our gin according to the ‘London Dry’ standard. Although we like to think of it as ‘Devon Dry’, very similar to London Dry with the addition of sunshine!