Rathlee Distillery

Rathlee Distillery: Cornwall meets Columbia

What happens when two rum lovers from different ends of the earth put those heads together? When English eccentricity moves perfectly along to a Latin beat? Revolver Rum invites you to journey from the energetic cities of Colombia to the rugged coasts of Cornwall. To join the rum evolution as two unlikely worlds collide. To witness an exquisite flavour that moves beyond your expectation. Welcome to the world of Rathlee Distillery.

Rathlee Distillery’s Revolver Rum finished 8th place in 2016’s #HotCraftSpirits competition.

Revolver Rum: exquisite-tasting rum

Smooth, light-bodied rum, bursting with youthful exuberance. Exquisite blend of tropical fruit, spice and toasted wood aromas, which highlight the origin of its ageing. The palate emerges soft and dry with plenty of oak flavour, vanilla and warming chocolate, and finishes with a gradual fade of spicy peppercorns and a slight sweetness, reminiscent of fine sugar cane honey.