Puddingstone Distillery

Take two kindred spirits, a myriad of sensory experiences absorbed from travels to countries near and far, throw in a realisation that good gin can be enjoyed equally as well outside under the stars as it can at the bar, and you have the birth of Campfire Gin.

In 2014, we stepped out into the unknown having made a decision to establish the region’s first gin distillery. After 18 months of premises hunting across the beautiful Chiltern Hills, a chance meeting with a local farm owner, who shared our vision of a destination for local food and drink producers, took Puddingstone Distillery one step closer to becoming a reality.

Puddingstone Distillery, Hertfordshire’s first operating gin distillery opened it’s doors back in November 2016.

Puddingstone Distillery: Home of Campfire Gin

Their award winning Campfire Gin (London Dry) has recently been joined by a Navy Strength and American Oak, Bourbon cask aged gin, with other specials to follow. Campfire London Dry – the spirit of the outdoors – is described as pitching camp on the boundaries of contemporary and classic styles. Featuring 10 botanicals including, fresh sweet orange peel, roasted hazelnut and golden berry, this is a gin best enjoyed in simple serves under a canopy of stars.