Poetic License Distillery

Set against the rugged North East coastline, Poetic License Distillery began distilling in September 2015 and craft artisan spirits within a bar of the same name on 500L pot still, Gracie, who takes centre stage.

Poetic License Distillery was created for the wild spirits – those who do not conform to the norm. So when it comes to their handmade spirits, expect the unfamiliar. Additions here and omissions there have transformed the original you know so well, into spirits with much more character which have already started turning heads.

Poetic License Distillery: Spirits

They have 3 core products; their critically acclaimed Northern Dry Gin (43.2%) and Old Tom Gin (41.6%) and Graceful Vodka (40.4%). Their Northern Dry Gin in a London Dry style, renamed to reflect their roots, and was specifically crafted to stand-out in many gin-based cocktails. It uses a mix of 13 botanicals to produce a seriously punchy flavours of juniper, cardamom and citrus. Old Tom Gin is sweeter and more peppery in comparison. The sweetness is nurtured from the botanicals alone, while resting on oak sherry casks gains colour. The Graceful Vodka is distilled 7 times from British wheat and was named due to its glorious smoothness.

Poetic License Distillery also have seasonally inspired creations – Picnic Gin and Fireside Gin – which take inspiration from the time of year for their flavours, and ‘Rarities’ which are one-off batches of whatever they fancy making.

Here’s to the wild spirits!