Old Bakery Gin

In 2012 we bought a 120 year old bakery to use as our office. The building had a secret. 100 yrs ago it was used to distil & sell illicit gin. This illegal gin is now back as Old Bakery Gin.

Being gin lovers………we set out to rediscover the secret Gin History of the OId Bakery……and see if I could make it happen again ….but this time on the right side of the law.

Incidentally, in July 2016 Barry Maysh once a local resident popped into the Mews, over a cup of tea I learnt another secret, between 1938 – 1960 The Old Stables was home to Tom Maysh Master Bike Manufacturer, Tom Maysh was Barry’s grandad ….Tom handmade bikes for the British Rally Team and also the British Olympic team.

Our gin: Old Bakery Gin

There was talk that the original illcit Gin recipe included Stinging Nettle leaves, however we have tried to make it 100’s of different ways including Stinging nettles (inc freezing the leaves & leaving them to soak in trays of sugar) but each time the taste has been awful.

The original recipe may have been lost in time …..but we think this is as close as it gets

Old Bakery Gin is a small batch (30 bottles max) craft gin inspired by a 100 year old ‘illegal family recipe’. Every bottle of Old Bakery Gin is hand bottled and labelled before being sealed in wax. Old Bakery Gin won a Silver Medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Awards.