Little Bird Gin

After much taste testing, feedback, fun and frivolity, Team Little Bird Gin and friends hit upon the recipe for a new London Dry Gin. Pink-grapefruit, sweet orange peel and ginger, plus seven more botanicals all contribute to the smooth citrusy taste of Little Bird gin.

Those three little words on your bottle tell you that the botanicals are natural and distilled along with the spirit to give a purer and high quality spirit. London Dry Gin means that no artificial flavourings or colourings are allowed before or after distillation.

The term London Dry is a nod to the style of your gin. Strangely, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s actually made in London too. But rest assured, Little Bird is, of course, south London born and bred.

Little Bird Gin: Miss Ginger

Little Bird Gin’s pin up Miss Ginger was inspired by the work of artist Alberto Vargas. On the 1940s Varagas began painting pin-up girls, known as ‘Vargas Girls’, for Esquire Magazine. Pin-ups were used as a form of aircraft graffiti. These colourful and sexy paintings were draped over the nose and sides of airplanes. Often referred to as nose-art, they were painted to inspire and motivate, whilst also bringing good luck. Miss Ginger was illustrated for the same reasons, bringing her unique nostalgic style to our #sexylittlegin.