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Jelley Distilleries is a celebration of our great country, we produce homemade products based on heritage and patriotism. The distillery was founded in 2014 by Benjamin Jelley and launched its award-winning Jelley’s Vodka in 2015.

Jelley Distilleries – Ben’s story

Ben’s craft spirits journey started on a chilly December morning. Ben clambered out of bed to prepare himself for the dreaded early morning run. As he set off into the silence and fog-kissed country lanes, he pondered what his day would bring. A succession of vodka-inspired images started to enter his mind from dreams the night before.

At first Ben focused on the frost biting at his legs and bare arms. However, he soon put these thoughts to the back of his mind. As soon as he got into his stride, he came back to the introspective visuals of the famous Russian tipple. It was at this point that Jelley’s Vodka was born… and Jelley Distilleries journey began.

From a young age Ben has always harboured a creative obsession. Add into the mix a overwhelming passion for British design and products and the concept was born. With Jelley’s Vodka, Ben brought to market a spirit that offers a truly unique twist to the Iron Curtain’s drink of choice.

Image of 2016 #HotCraftSpirits winner, Jelley Distilleries' Jelley's Vodka

Jelley Distilleries won 2016’s #HotCraftSpirits competition.

Jelley’s Vodka: it’s a family affair

Ben has always been proud of the Jelley name, despite all the ‘hilarious’ jokes and the fact people questioning whether it’s genuinely his last name. Jelley’s Vodka was always destined to carry Ben’s proud heritage.

The family name has been sewn into the English countryside for over two hundred years. The Jelleys were gamekeepers in Gumley, a small, leafy village Market Harborough in rural Leicestershire.

Ben’s Great Aunty Pop was the last of the family earn their crust from the countryside at the tender age of 94. Her famous last words leaving the chocolate box Keeper’s Cottage, built in 1918 for the family, being… ”Tally Ho!”.

There’s also a bit of family history when it comes to vodka. My dad achieved quite a coup when he ran an exporting company in the 1990s by selling vodka to the Russians, a famous tale he continues to dine out on to this day.

Jelley Distilleries make spirits the British way, with style, class and character.

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