Isle of Harris Distillers

Isle of Harris Distillers opened their doors in 2015 as the island’s the first distillery. The concept for the distillery grew out of a realisation that the island’s natural assets could best be harnessed to address its acute economic problems through a project that brings this special place and its qualities to the attention of a wider audience.

The Isle of Harris, standing out in the Atlantic on the far northwestern edge of Scotland, is an elemental place. It’s full of contradictions: wild and gentle, warm and calm, ancient and yet bubbling with life.

There are few places on earth where time spent around the fire can be as welcoming or as full of cheer. At the head of the harbour in East Loch Tarbert, visible to everyone arriving there by land or sea, the distillery is now creating true island spirit.

Isle of Harris Distillers: The Social Distillery

The creation of the Isle of Harris Distillery in Tarbert is thus driven by a deep and abiding love for the beauty and wit of this place and its people.

We want to make a ‘Social Distillery’, with the future of Harris at its heart. To enrich the island, creating an enterprise that will thrive for decades and even centuries to come. And to send the magical, elusive spirit of the island out into the world.

Isle of Harris Distillers hope that you will recognise something ‘set apart’ in what Isle of Harris Distillers are doing. We also hope you’llbe inspired to participate in the realisation of its vision.

Isle of Harris Gin

Isle of Harris Distillers are also busy creating The Isle of Harris Gin. We distill on a small copper still known affectionately as ‘The Dottach’. It imbues our spirit with the complex delights of nine specially chosen botanicals. We seek to capture the elemental nature of our island. Particularly the maritime influences of the seas which surround us on all sides.