Round Turn & Two Half Hitches

The strong rope knot used to moor up barges along Camden Lock during the industrial era. To this day, you can still see the rope marks etched into the stone walls and wrought iron bridges by Camden Lock.

Half Hitch Gin: Process

A Unique Combination

To obtain the most prized and bold flavours from each botanical, three individual, time intensive production methods are employed: copper pot distillation, vacuum distillation and hand crafted tinctures. The finest 100% British grain spirit. Our key botanicals; black tea, bergamot, wood, hay and pepper. A unique combination for our award-winning gin that stands alone in its colour and taste.

Key Botanicals

The intriguing combination of black tea, bergamot, wood, hay and pepper were chosen with Camden’s rich history of trade in mind and to create a gin of distinction. Each ingredient is carefully selected from around the world for the finest quality at the peak of seasonality.

Of particular note, the finest single estate Malawian black tea, is hand-blended with Calabrian bergamot, sourced from ancient citrus groves in Southern Italy, to create one of Britain’s most iconic tea flavours – Earl Grey – an exotic yet quintessentially British taste.

Tasting Notes

The unique combination of ingredients and production processes gives HALF HITCH its distinctive colour and taste. On the nose you will discover lifting and aromatic notes of light citrus followed by spicy, fresh cracked pepper and juniper berry. On the palate, note tones of sweet orange, nutmeg and rich black tea before a long finish with lingering touches of cinnamon and fresh lemon zest.

 Half Hitch Micro Distillery has won various awards for its gin including a Silver Medal at the 2015 IWSC Challenge.