English Spirit Distillery

The English Spirit Distillery is a small batch copper pot distillery set up over seven years ago by Dr. John Walters (a biochemist from Oxford). It was his aim to produce a diverse range of spirits of outstanding quality and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

English Spirit Distillery are one of only a handful of distilleries who actually make their gin from scratch. We use local sugar beet to make an exceptionally smooth 54% vol premium vodka, which we then distil again, to make our fabulous Dr J’s gin. We also make the only rum produced in England, fine English Single malt, apple brandy and liqueurs (including our ever popular Toffee Vodka).

Not only do we make our own products but we produce a lot of tailored spirits for other brands. If you are interested in developing your own spirit, please get in touch, our minimum run is only 84 litres.  Through our continued focus on quality we have seen our success and demand for our spirits grow. Now we are operating a 24/5 production operation to keep up with demand and are up-scaling production at our Great Yeldham site – ensuring that the focus remains on quality.

The English Spirit Distillery offer tours at our distillery in Great Yeldham.

English Spirit Distillery: Dr J’s Gin

Dr J’s Gin is true small batch copper pot distilled gin at the extreme end of London Dry Gin standards.

We re-distil our super smooth small batch vodka with juniper berries, coriander, macadamia and fresh zests; to create a refreshing citrus lead gin of superb depth and complexity.

One of the very few gins that it is a shame to tarnish with tonic. Try sipping neat over crushed ice with a couple of salted capers. With tonic try a chunk of lime. Soda water is a great alternative to tonic too. For a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster of a martini simply pour ice cold over a freshly plucked and torn bay leaf and add a caper or two.  Dr J’s Gin is available in 70cl bottles with an ABV of 45%.