Eden Mill Distillery

The Eden Mill Distillery story began at St Andrews. in 1810, the legendary Haig distillers first laid down whisky at the site Eden Mill now own and operate from.

In 2012, the business resurrected that proud tradition of crafting. Eden Mill’s original single site combined brewery and distillery – the first in Scotland. Very few gin makers are as fortunate as Eden Mill and even fewer have all the elements that their team use in creating outstanding flavours and choices.

Eden Mill Distillery is capable of producing outstanding artisan gin and whisky. Their craft brewery produces some superb small batch craft beer. Eden Mill St Andrews thinks its beer, whisky, and gin are among the best in the world.

Eden Mill Distillery: a passion for distilling & brewing

Beer meets gin and whisky at the Eden Mill Distillery. Making all three lets the distillery design recipes for one with subtle influences from the other two. Beer aged in whisky barrels. Gin made from hops. The possibilities are limited only by imagination. You’ll never know just what they’ll do next.

Already voted by TripAdvisor as a top visitor attraction in the area, the Eden Mill Distillery is being painstakingly restored on its historic original site during 2017.

The craftsmen at Eden Mill Distillery work across multiple categories to create incredible drinks.  Blended whisky is one of these forays with Art of the Blend being the most recent to challenge the market.

Due to this, the Eden Mill gin range has become iconic with its team is globally recognised. They’ve always strived to break the mould and dare to be different.

Eden Mill Distillery: crafted by hand

Eden Mill are immersed in their processes.

At the Eden Mill Distillery it’s all about artisan, hand production. The distillery has no huge, computerised production tanks. This means that the team can tinker. They can touch, smell, taste and experiment with flavours.

Eden Mill Distillery source ethically and locally from the verdant fields and wild coasts of Scotland. Their recipes are punchy and exciting. The moment you taste their produce, you know you’ve never tasted anything like it before. Because so much goes into what they do, with every sip you taste and smell something new; another layer of complexity.

Eden Mill Gins

Eden Mill Original Gin: Made from Fife’s indigenous seabuckthorn berry, in our Original Gin we balance tart flavours with a citrus nose and delicate midpoints.

This is a classic London Dry gin in an Eden Mill Scottish St Andrews style and with a bonus 20cl in this bottle, it’s the perfect go-to pour. How will you enjoy yours?

Eden Mill Love Gin: Love Gin – The famous pink gin from Eden Mill. More and more people are falling in love with it for its floral and warm berry notes. This unique gin is now also a favourite of many bartenders around the country.

Made with love to share by the Eden Mill Distillery.

Image of Eden Mill Distillery Original Gin

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