Dyfi Distillery Ltd

Dyfi Distillery is home to foragers and distillers in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Home to Pollination and Hibernation Gins. Open to curious visitors during our distilling season.

Our location in the old slate mining village of Corris allows us to be very close to where so many of our botanicals are foraged.

Dyfi Distillery: approach

We distil in very small batches, using two small 100-litre stills. After looking at options from all over the world, our preference lay with a specialist still maker in Colorado.  We further customized the stills after shipping, so we could challenge one or two conventions, whilst respecting the best of tradition.

The result is what we call Precision-Distilling. We have developed and adapted techniques which allow for maximum control over maceration temperatures, variable copper contact for distillation and much more besides. Our stills can move from maceration- to distillation-temperature in an incredibly short time, which also contributes to optimum extraction of essential oils.

At most, we run one distillation per week. Whilst appreciating that most other distilleries are more productiive, a combination of foraging time, and meticulous botanical calibration, naturally limits our output. Or, indeed, limits our output naturally.

A distillation run is in part determined by our foraging basket. If we can’t gather the ingredients we need, we can’t distill. Commercially, this is probably a mistake. But the result is a Welsh Gin like nothing else: just as it should be.