Brennen and Brown

Owning a successful Information Technology company, since the mid noughties, Brennen and Brown founder and Managing Director, Rich Bamber found himself turning his love of gin and ginger into a fast growing business of it’s own.

Our journey began in in 2012, after Rich was asked to install an iPad till into a well known distillery in London. Rich asked the distiller if there was a gin with ginger as the predominate flavour. The distiller said there had been one, although that was over 100 years ago, but it no longer existed.

These words set Rich off on a path of amazing discovery. Brennen and Brown was born.

Brennen and Brown: our stills

After a lot of research, Una our first Still arrived along with an array of botanicals. Una, a minature, traditional Copper Still was chosen. This is because copper as a metal has many positive characteristics that make it the preferred metal when making stills. Copper actually reacts with alcohol on a molecular level making the final spirit taste better.

With help from his partner Jo Hazlett , an already established Chocolatier and with a bit of trial and error with quantities and flavours, Una produced Brennen and Brown’s first batch of Gin with a hint of Ginger.

We found that people within the Gin & Vodka industry were very friendly and helpful. Offers of help were never very far off. Taking our original recipe to Master of Malt, who produce their own spirits and own an established labratory, Brennen and Brown’s Gin with a hint of Ginger became an established recipie and was successfully finalised.

Masters of Malt introduced the Brennen and Brown team to rotary evaporator Stills. Rotary Evaporator Stills allow for a gentle, precise and efficient distillation not found in conventional distilling apparatuses. Laboratory condensers, being sealed and made of glass, are easy to visually monitor and adjust. Keeping the mixture evenly mixed and heated to promote stable, even evaporation concentrating the purest and freshest flavors.