Bimber Distillery

Bimber Distillery: Inspired by tradition. Crafted in London.

Innovative spirits from London’s unique craft distillery

Distilled, bottled and labelled by hand at our site in West London, we use only natural ingredients and traditional methods to craft our range of unique spirits

Bimber Distillery was founded in August 2015, with our first vodka bottling in early 2016. Our two copper still pots (Doris & Astraea) take pride of place at the heart of our London site

Bimber takes its name from the Polish for moonshine, in honour of our founder’s heritage, and befitting our refined, innovative take on spirits.

We are currently distilling one of the first Single Malt Whiskies to have been made in London for a century, which will launch in June 2019.

Bimber Distillery: Our Spirits

Bimber Gin: Bimber London Dry Gin is a stand-out classic .  It strikes the perfect balance between the botanicals. Bright juniper; citrus freshness, nutty coriander seed, fragrant angelica root and warm cinnamon. The finish is dry and earthy, with hints of cassia & liquorice. It has remarkable persistence, which delivers the individual character of our ten botanicals in waves that lap across your palate.

Our four-times distilled wheat vodka is infused with ten botanicals over night before distillation in Astraeus, our 600 litre copper pot still.

Bimber English Barley Vodka: Distilled from the finest English Barley, the result is a wonderfully smooth and buttery vodka that is nuanced with nutty, fruity notes and an extraordinarily soft month feel. A delicious expression that proves vodka can deliver flavour and character when distilled with care and attention.

We take our new make spirit, and distil it for a third and final time through our copper column. This distillation refines the spirit to 96% ABV, transforming our London Single Malt into vodka.

Our vodka retains the perfect amount of soft barley character, with hints of lemongrass and citrus fruit.
There is no need to filter, add glycerin, fructose, or any aromatisers

Bottle of English Barley Vodka produced by Bimber Distillery

Bimber Distillery finished 7th in this year’s #HotCraftSpirits with their English Barley Vodka.