Anno Distillers

.At Anno Distillers, we’ve blended science and nature to create a sublime gin. Anno Distillers was founded by ex-chemists, Andy and Norman (Anno, get it?). Their life-long science background in the highly technical pharmaceutical industry gives a practical understanding of the equipment capabilities. This allows us to make the highest quality products. We utilise our skills to craft products designed for your pleasure.

Anno Distillers are the first gin distillery in Kent since the Maidstone Distillery was active in the late 1700s. We are based in the village of Marden, which is surrounded by the beautiful Kent countryside, oast houses and orchards.

Anno Distillers: Born in the Garden of England

Kent, fondly known as the garden of England, is home to a lavish abundance of wonderful, fresh produce and interesting botanicals. We carefully select local ingredients to flavour our products. Being obsessive experimenters and with a passion to create the highest quality spirits, we work relentlessly to nurture the distinctive and exciting flavours, transforming them to provide a perfect harmony of tastes and aromas using Patience, our unique copper-pot still.

We now have a range of 5 products, our Anno Kent Dry Gin, our Anno 602 Gin, a Sloe Gin, a Cranberry & Gin and our Elderflower & Vodka.

Image of Anno Kent Dry Gin by Anno Distillers

Anno Distillers, 5th place in this year’s #HotCraftSpirits competition.

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