55 Above

55 Above is the vision of one entrepreneur and his dream to turn something so simple into something so beautiful.

55 Above are a small, independent distiller established in 2014 with the vision of producing exceptional quality, handcrafted vodkas in small batches using traditional copper pot distilling methods.

Whether you’re after a vodka that is packed with character or an infusion with a light and refreshing aroma, 55 Above have the perfect balance between sophistication and quality, which gives them the ability to produce spirits that truly are exceptional.

Our Pure Vodka

55 Above Pure is made from the finest quality British ingredients. Our vodka is distilled to the highest quality by our master distiller, which gives it its iconic full-bodied aroma and character, yet a surprisingly smooth and mellow aftertaste with a delicate sweetness from our unique key ingredient, the potato.

55 Pure is what purity really tastes like! Pair this unique vodka with any mixer or your favourite cocktail ingredients and you will enhance the taste and aromas of your favourite drink for evermore!

55 Above Vodka: The 56

The 56 – 55 Above’s higher proof, premium vodka, is made from the same fine British potatoes as the rest of our vodkas. Lovingly crafted in our small copper pot stills, this vodka is the perfect balance of character and purity. Diluted with less water to 56% ABV, this vodka emphasises our perfect balance between sophistication and strength to elevate and intensify the characteristic of our classic vodka. A true artisan spirit!

Orange Gin

Distilled with the same meticulous care as our artisan vodkas, 55 Above orange gin is a truly zesty experience! Mixing the natural juniper flavours of gin with a selection of lush botanicals – including tangerine, Seville orange and lemon zests, coriander, bay leaf, and macadamia nuts – this drink packs a charmingly citrusy hit.

With the fire and passion of 55 Above spirits and the crisp, refreshing bite of distilled gin, this is a fruity elixir to invigorate and bewitch.